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0ur funding model is different from other finance companies because we purchase your future receivables for the term of the advance. Since we are purchasing a portion of the overall company income, we do not factor any one particular invoice or contract but the overall revenue over an extended period. There is a very minimal amount of paperwork and the approval process is streamlined. We are able to work on your file with just a completed application and three of the most recent bank statements for the business. In addition, we have a very quick turnaround. Our response time is under 48 hours! Once you are approved, you can be funded just as quick provided we receive the necessary stipulations so the funding process works as fast as you do to get you the money when you need it!

Funding Size

$10k – $2M

Minimum Annual Revenue



All industries considered.
US companies only.
Focus is more on financial
performance than industry.

Time in Business

6 Months +

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